Dishfile's Mission Statement:

Dishfile's top priority and reason for existence is to find the best dishes available. Here's our priorities in the order of importance.

  1. Help people find the best dishes to eat!
  2. Work cooperatively with restaurants and don't exploit them.
  3. Provide great food insight for the betterment of the community.
  4. Hopefully profit to continue to improve services.

Finding the Best Dishes

This is a lofty goal, but it's also the #1 priority. Being the top priority doesn't necessarily mean it gets worked on first though. In order to find the "best" dishes, we believe we need to leverage the knowledge of the people.

Tastes are subjective and so we want to learn your tastebuds and the buds of the community. We want to know if you like your Chinese food authentic or from Panda Express or both like I do! Do you like sweet and savory combinations? Are you a breast person or do you like dark meat? Anyway, that's a lot of information we have to gather and analyze to get there. In order to get that info, we need the help of the community by using our site!

Working With Restaurants

It's hard to run a restaurant. Not only does the food have to be delicious, clean, cooked, and constantly replenished but on the business side you have to deal with licenes, regulators, location, store fronts, websites, social media, complaints, ambiance, service, and staff. We love the restaurants for doing it and we want to help them, NOT exploit them (cough).

So the type of community we are looking to build is one of rewarding good food and not so much putting down of bad experiences. Finding the most delicious foods is still our top priority, but let's not wreck a business down because half their staff called in sick that day.

The thing is I don't really care about service and ambiance much. I want great food and I think that's 90% of what matters. I love to eat phở and I personally believe the best phở's don't come bundled with the best service, probably because the food can stand alone. My family had run small businesses and I can understand the plight of some of these smaller restaurants.

Food Insights

We want to gather data and conduct food insights not only for improving our discovery of great dishes, but just for fun. We want to know where chicken is most popular. We want to plot where people like kimchi. We might discover which state likes which vegetable the most. We're naturally curious people here and it would be fun to find out more.

On the downlow, we're interested in kindred tastebuds. Different countries modify an ethnic cuisine to the tastes of the local community. What kinds of amazing things can we learn if we can filter similar and different tastebuds in and out?

Making Money

I'm not going to lie, money is important. Mainly so I can spend it to buy more food! At the end of the day, I would love for this site to make money, because it means I can continue to work on it. I just wanted to let the community know that the money comes AFTER the mission.

Dishfile? What That Mean

Do you know how hard it is to find a good .com domain?! Anyway Dishfile is about finding the particular dish you want. Also it's going to store everyone's food profiles like a file cabinet. Don't read too much into it. If you got a better fake reason for the inception of the name, email it in and i'll put it here.